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NCPQSW is centred on a commitment, passion and dedication to develop and improve the quality of social work and professional practice.

NCPP Bournemouth University

Emily Rosenorn-Lanng

Research Projects Officer

Emily is a researcher for the National Centre of Post-Qualifying Social Work. She has worked for Bournemouth University since 2006, and during this time Emily has been involved in a variety of research, including public consultation and commercial research, in the Health and Social Care, Local Government, Tourism and Heritage sectors.

Since joining the centre in 2012 Emily has supported the centres research programme, which is designed to improve the effectiveness of practice in order protect the most vulnerable members of society. Emily supports the research team with a particular focus on leadership and management development, and in particular the impact of these programmes on managers and their organisations.

Emily undertakes bespoke impact evaluations, working closely in partnership with organisations and authorities, empirically demonstrating and validating impact in the efficacy of the practice of leaders and managers and improvements in the effectiveness of practice in general.

Emily leads the social media strategy for the Centre and has a key role in the co-ordination of conferences and online sites.

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