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The ‘Safeguarding Adults at risk’ story

23rd August 2012

In 2010 Learn to Care commissioned the development of a framework to quality assure practice in Safeguarding Adult services to try an ensure consistent practice across England and Wales.

Di Galpin (Senior Lecturer, Safeguarding Adults) and Lucy Morrison (Research Assistant) from the Centre for Post Qualifying Social Work undertook research to identify the key areas of practice which were failing those most vulnerable. Findings from CQC inspection reports, serious case reviews, a review of academic research, focus groups and interviews with professionals and managers who deliver services, along with feedback from service users and carers, was collated to discover areas of practice that required improvement .  Drawing on work already undertaken by East Sussex County Council, Brighton and Hove City Council and Lambeth Safeguarding Adults Partnership the National Capabilities Framework for Safeguarding Adults was born.

Since its development approximately 8850 copies have been distributed across health and social care departments throughout England and Wales.

Following this the National Centre for Post Qualifying Social Work has developed, in partnership with Worcestershire Social Service, a workbook to support  unqualified health and social care staff demonstrate good practice in safeguarding those they work with who are being abused, or are most vulnerable to abuse.

Di Galpin is now developing resources to support qualified professionals improve practice and meet the requirements of the national capabilities framework.  Di is currently working with Emily Rosenorn-Lanng (Senior Research Assistant) and Lucy Morrison in developing an on-line tool designed to enable professionals improve their practice in Safeguarding Adults at risk of harm. The Safeguarding Adults Framework Evaluation tool (SAFE tool) provides practitioners with an easy to use resource, which they can use to both evaluate and develop their practice.   In addition, Di is also writing a workbook for professionals to use alongside both the SAFE tool and the National Capability Framework for Safeguarding Adults.

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