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Charity Impact Showcase 2019!

16th May 2019

Students, academics and researchers across the University were invited to a Charity Impact Showcase on the 13th May to present their research linked to charities and guide interested academics onto similar research pathways. Dr Fiona Cownie (FMC) and Professor Lee-Ann Fenge (HSS) facilitated the event whilst also presenting their own research.

The event provided a great learning and networking opportunity, as well as a space to discover innovative BU research involving charities and third sector agencies. The event hosted a wide array of research display tables, each accompanied by research academics from a variety of faculties, including Media and Communications (FMC), Science and Technology (SciTech), Management (FM) and Health and Social Science (HSS).

Some examples of attending academics included Professor Edwin van Teijlingen (HSS) discussing his research in Nepal highlighting charities he has worked with, Dr Anna Feigenbaum (FMC) who showcased info-graphics and invited participants to engage with developed board-games and Dr Joyce Costello (FMC) who showcased her published book ‘Public Service Motivation and Civic Engagement’. We thought these were some excellent example of research partnership leading to real world impact.

The National Centre for Post-Qualifying Social Work went along to share the work we have done with AgeUK and Burdett Trust for Nursing, among other charities, and further promote awareness of the huge issue of financial scamming and fraud. As a team, we also have a passion for finding and using diverse methods of knowledge creation and dissemination to engage with different audiences. This helped us to make some fantastic connections, both internally and externally to the university, and we are very excited to see where these links might take our research.

The event was very well organised by Professor Lee-Ann Fenge and we would like to thank her for inviting us along. We hope to be able to attend similar events in the future and would urge everyone else to attend should they have the opportunity.

  • Stevie Corbin-Clarke
    Research Assistant
  • NCPP Bournemouth University
    Emily Rosenorn-Lanng
    Research Projects Officer
  • NCPP Bournemouth University
    Professor Lee-Ann Fenge
    Director of the Centre of Seldom Heard Voices, Marginalisation and Societal Integration / NCPQSWPP

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