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After the Conference is before the Conference!

13th December 2022

First of all, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all my wonderful colleagues and contributors to our second conference event on the 09.12.22. The presentations, reflections and tools shared were invaluable. 

The feedback from the 154 strong audience was so positive and encouraging that we are already planning the 2023 event and wlook forward to seeing you all again online in December 2023! 

The conference attendees suggested a few topics that led on from this year’s theme of ‘creating safe work-communities’ and we have chosen the theme of change, with a particular focus on 

  1. ‘The culture of change vs changing cultures’ by challenging our understanding what it means to belong or fit into an organisation or profession. 

  2. How can we be activists and catalysts for change as leaders in practice and education and take our staff ‘with us’, whilst not being afraid to take risks on the way. 

  3. How we embrace the growing change towards ‘greener practice’ and our awareness of environmental impact of events that are beyond our control – from climate change to global pandemics. 

  4. An  exploration of what we need to be calm in the ‘eye of the storm of change’, what gives us resilience and strength to keep going on our personal and professional journeys.

Thanks again and take care


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