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The Approved Mental Health Professional’s Guide to Mental Health Law

Written specifically for Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHPs), this book brings together key elements of the legislation, Code of Practice, Memorandum, Government Circulars and relevant case law and policy. It also discusses the role of an AMHP in the revised Mental Health Act, as well as the Key Competencies.

This fully-revised fourth edition analyses updated legislation, case law and policy, while recent changes and cases covered include:

– The revised English Code of Practice to the Mental Health Act

– The revised Reference Guide to the Mental Health Act

– A number of cases concerning the nearest relative

– Clarification on personal accountability of the AMHP

– Revisions to the tribunal report requirements in England

– The impact of the Cheshire West case decisions in the Supreme Court

An essential guide for practising AMHPs or those currently in training, this book contains extensive appendices which cover Mental Health Act Assessments, Practice Directions (first tier tribunal) and the AMHP Regulations for both England and Wales. It also includes checklists, case studies and exercises to aid practice and learning.

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