Haikus: using poetry to develop critical reflection in social work practice

Dr Orlanda Harvey, Dr Louise Oliver, Jasmine Thomson and Kathy Brenan facilitated a Social Work England Sector-Led Event for Social Work Week on Tuesday, 21st March 2023.  They had been working with students to develop their critically reflective practice by poetry in the form of haikus. They have had very positive feedback from students (qualifying and post-qualifying) and that the process of composing the poem led to a deeper level of critical reflection on their chosen scenario/subject. They have also been using this technique as a form of peer supervision, as they also ran a support group for women who experience Domestic Abuse. They wanted to share this activity with fellow social work practitioners and educators to support the development of critical reflection on practice. The activity supports people to distil the learning from an experience and aid their critical reflection on practice. Their research and experience showed them that using this method has proved quite straightforward.

To view the recording from the event, please click on the below link:

Haikus – using poetry to develop critical reflection in social work practice

Please note, the research link will not work now because the survey is closed.

Dr Orlanda Harvey and Dr Louise Oliver

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