Amendments to the BU Practice Education Programme

Following the refreshed PEPS which came into place in the summer, we at Bournemouth University are going to make some amendments to the Practice Education Course to make sure that we are complying with the refreshed PEPS.  These will start in September 2023 to allow time for everyone to prepare.

Please note: we will continue to run the Practice Education Course in two stages (unit/stage 1 – Enabling Work Based Learning and unit/stage 2 = Supervising a Learner in Practice) and we will continue delivering online.

The changes are as follows (and for many, this is how you have always engaged with Practice Education with Bournemouth University):

  1. This is relevant to all cohorts (BU, Solihull and Plymouth/South West). Trainee Practice Educators are required to work with two social work learners in practice, one for each unit of study this has been the case for some time but it is reinforced within the PEPS with clear criteria on how this should be upheld in the training programme.  A minimum of 70 days per learner. As stated in the PEPS:  The two learners can be from the same or different stages of learning (e.g. two 70 day placements, or two 100 day placements, or one pre-qualifying placement and one post qualifying course) but at least one of them needs to be at pre-qualification level. If the learner does not stay in the placement beyond the midway point, then a meeting will need to be called by the Trainee Practice Educator with the funding agency and BU to ascertain if enough experience has been garnered for the unit under study (PEPS page 8, 3.5, iv).  For many agencies this is not a change as you expect your Trainee Practice Educators to work with two social work learners in practice throughout their placements.  There will be a slight change in the assignment proforma to evidence the length of time the Trainee Practice Educator has supervised/assessed the learning in practice.
  2. The time it takes for all trainee practice educators to complete the course will take a little longer, to allow each Trainee Practice Educator the opportunity to work from beginning to end with the social work learner in practice and evidence this in the practice education assignment proforma (please see page 8 of the domains for further details if you have not already
  3. For those who access the practice education teaching workshops directly from Bournemouth University (i.e. not via Solihull or Plymouth-Southwest). We will be running Unit 2 during September and Unit 1 during January.  This will remain the pattern for the course for the foreseeable future to accommodate the length of time required to work with each student.

Plymouth/South West Cohort – These dates will continue to be developed with David Neal and BU and sent out as usual. We do not anticipate a change in pattern for the delivery of the programme.

Solihull only – The dates will continue to be sent out via BU and are set by Katie Kenny and BU together and are advertised as usual.  We do not anticipate a change in pattern for the delivery of the programme.

If you would like a cohort run outside of September and January and have 15+ candidates, then we would be happy to discuss running an additional group.

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