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Mental Capacity Toolkit Launch 2021!

Friday 24th September 2021
Captain's Club, Christchurch

Click the below links for the resources from the day:

MCT Launch Presentation Slides (158 downloads)

Launch Morning Speakers Video (Professor Lee-Ann Fenge, Dr Sally Lee, Michael Lyne, Deb Slate)

Toolkit Launch and Quiz Video (Emily Rosenorn-Lanng)

National Voices ‘Unlocking the Digital Front Door’ Exclusion Research (Dr Mel Hughes and Stevie Corbin-Clarke)

We have been developing learning tools to support nurses and other practitioners in their understanding and duties under the Human Rights and Mental Capacity Acts. We have utilised NCPQSW’s expertise in the field of mental capacity practice and research to develop these high quality learning tools to empower nurses and through collaboration with service users, nursing students, practising nurses and academics, NHS England and the Mental Capacity Forum, we have developed evidence-based learning materials designed to meet the learning needs of practitioners.

At the event, Professor Lee-Ann Fenge, Michael Lyne, Dr Sally Lee, Emily Rosenorn-Lanng and Stevie Corbin-Clarke discussed the toolkit, how it works and the ways that it can help practitioners and there were other speakers at the event discussing recent research and practice issues, as well as opportunities for networking.

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