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Beyond Safeguarding: A Conceptual Approach

Wednesday, 22nd March, 2023
09:30 – 16:30 GMT
2nd Floor, Executive Business Centre, Lansdowne

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Here is the link to watch the recorded talk by the key speaker, Dr Charlotte Proudman, an award-winning barrister:

Here are the Powerpoint Slides from the event:

Event Resources

The objective of this event is to develop additional frameworks of meaning to support effective collaboration and integrated practice in safeguarding adults and children.

This event will be hosted by the National Centre of Post-Qualifying Social Work. The Centre currently works in partnership with over one third of local authorities in England and has a flexible delivery model that delivers education and CPD training designed to make a positive contribution to practice. The Centre believes that by improving the quality of social work practice, a vital contribution can be made to society in general and vulnerable people in particular.

Diane Galpin and Annastasia Ma​ksymluk are the leads on our new Risk and Decision Making in Safeguarding Adults and Children unit. The unit focuses on enhancing students’ understanding of the contextual nature of professional safeguarding practice via enhancing the role of critical reflection as a potential research tool.

The content of the unit provides an additional theoretical framework to health and social care practitioners and students extend their knowledge base into socio-economic and legal policy analysed via social theory. This enhances clinical knowledge and provides health practitioners with the shared theoretical basis necessary for joined-up working with social care colleagues.

We will share with you the results from the recent evaluation of our new safeguarding unit at BU and we will also be piloting our exciting new Safeguarding Tool (SIFT), and providing an opportunity for you to interact with it.

There will be lunch and refreshments!

Here is the link to book tickets:

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